Transitioning Your Intranet to a Digital Workplace
February 2 - 4, 2016 in Atlanta
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Ann Fitzsimons

NetApp, Inc.
HR Web Technologist

Ann Fitzsimons has been working on and off on Intranets for 18 years. She currently is the HR Web Technologist at NetApp based in Sunnyvale, CA. She has worked on Intranets at a mid-sized educational company, a small corporation of less than 300 people and now for NetApp, a world-wide company of 12,000 people. She owns her own business on the side helping small businesses with their websites. She is also an expert at SEO. Creating and maintaining a nice website is like great music to her ears. She enjoys being able to combine art with technology and the web, to her, brings those two elements beautifully together. 

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